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Dianabol 5mg 1000 tabs (5 mg/tab)


Buy Dianabol 5mg

Manufacturer: Generic, Thailand
Substance: Methandienone
Package : 1000 tabs (5 mg/tab)

Dianabol Generic is an oral steroid containing 5mg Methandienone hormone. Also known as D-bol, it is the second Anabolic steroid that was created after testosterone.

Bodybuilders take the dianabol at the beginning to see results immediately, while the slower esters of the injectable anabolic come into the affect later. By promoting the levels of protein synthesis and retention of nitrogen, Dianabol helps athletes on steroid drugs lose fat and gain muscle tissue simultaneously. The steroid is much known for providing intense pump during workouts Dianabol also illustrates efficiency in creating and maintaining a state of overall anabolism at the time when the process of normal protein breakdown happens. Users can also benefit from taking a large portion of their daily dose pre-workout and the rest a few hours post-workout.

Liver toxicity is a concern when taking orals, but with proper protection and dosing, it is unlikely any harmful situations should arise. Therefore, a liver support such as NAC is a great addition to any cycle containing a liver-harsh drug. High amounts of water (i.e. 2+ gallons) should be consumed daily with Dianabol and other orals. Moreover, the intake of the drug should be limited to 10 weeks or less.

A derivative of testosterone, Dianabol can be easily categorized as a potent anabolic and androgenic product that is capable to induce dramatic muscle mass, performance, and strength gains in as short as four to six weeks Bodybuilders frequently use D-bol as a bridge between cycles and a means to recover from the cycle Dianabol is one of the most highly effective performance enhancing drugs when it comes to boosting body strength and muscle function after a bulking cycle.. The natural testosterone levels of the body will however be regained during the process. Diet during your dbol use and after will be the biggest determining factor on what you gain and what you hold on to.

D-bol is not a popular steroid amongst women bodybuilders because it is prone to cause harsh masculine side effects in women. Males should take a dosage between 25-60mgs every day for 4-10 weeks.

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